- City Of Braintree

- Town Of Canton
Canton, incorporated in 1797, is located 15 miles south of Boston. Major roads that pass through the town include Mass. Route 128, Mass Route 138 and U.S. Interstate 95.

- City Of Foxborough

- Town Of Hingham

Hingham Massachusetts, first settled in 1635, is a residential community located 15 miles southeast of Boston. Wompatuck State Park, containing 2900 acres, is located in the eastern part of the town. Main Street and the downtown area have many beautiful old houses built in the 18th century. Major roads that pass through Hingham include Mass. Route 53, Mass. Route 3A, and Mass. Route 228.

- Town Of Holbrook

Holbrook Massachusetts, incorporated February 29, 1872, is a small residential community located 13 miles southeast of Boston. The town has just celebrated its 30th 'birthday' in 1996. Major roads that pass through the town include Mass. Route 37 and Mass. Route 139.

- Town Of Middleborough

Middleborough, called this when it was incorporated in 1669, was originally called Nemasket (Namaschet) and in 1621 was the place in which Massasoit and the Pilgrims signed the first short lived treaty and negotiated the second longer lasting. In the following years the Nemasket Native Americans were helpful in providing staples such as corn and herring to the Pilgrims during the early shortages. Middleborough became known as a town in which the Pilgrim's Sons and Grandsons occupied in common with the Native Americans. Middleborough shares a wealth of history with it's neighbor Plymouth, MA. Churches in town hosted such founding fathers as Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

- City Of New Bedford
This is a photo of one of the most precious areas in the city, the wetlands area between the zoo in Buttonwood Park and Hawthorn Street. It is a a magical space where schoolchildren conduct nature studies. This is just one of the areas that would be annexed in the proposed expansion of the zoo. This must not be allowed to happen.

- Town Of Norton

- Town Of Plymouth

Welcome to America's Homepage! A virtual gateway to the past, present and future of Plymouth, MA. Review an area rich in history by visiting our historical pages. Learn about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans and such things as the Mayflower Compact. Learn what to do on your next trip to Plymouth (The gateway to Cape Cod). Where to stay, eat, shop, and a host of other fun activities.

- City Of Quincy

- Town Of Weymouth
Weymouth, the second oldest town in Massachusetts, is a bustling community of about 55,000 people located 12 miles southeast of Boston. Major roads that pass through Weymouth include Mass. Route 3, Mass. Route 18, and Mass. Route 53.

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