- Town Of Chelmsford

- Town Of Essex

The Town of Essex on Cape Ann is formed around the winding river which bears its name. From the narrow causeway at the center of town, the river flows toward the Atlantic Ocean into the wider Essex Bay -- home to some of the best clam flats in the world. Not only does the Essex River form the spine of the town, but the beautiful river plays a central role in the town's history. Shipbuilding was the primary industry in Essex. And the town can boast having built more two-masted fishing schooners than any other port in the world (over 4,000 in total).

- Town Of Gloucester

At the center of Cape Ann, Gloucester is truly one of New England's scenic gems. The port city is a mosaic of small communities that each have their own unique character -- from the tiny Annisquam peninsula to the quaint neighborhood of Magnolia. Indeed, the City's natural beauty and historical character have attracted a sizeable resident artist population. In summertime, Gloucester swells with visitors attracted to its beaches, fresh seafood, and the lure of whale watching. Learn more about what we have to offer below.

-City Of Haverhill

- Town Of Ipswich

Ipswich, one of the oldest towns in the United States, founded in 1633, is located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, approximately 28 miles north of Boston. The town is 33 square miles and has a landscape that includes marshes, dunes and beaches, uplands, forests, fields, and farmland. Ipswich is well known for its early 17th century homes, with more than forty houses built prior to 1725 still standing and occupied. It has a very distinct in-town residential and business district and several industrial sections in outlying areas.

- City Of Lowell

- City Of Lynn

- City Of Malden

- Town Of Manchester by the Sea

Manchester-by-the-Sea is a beautiful coastal town that wraps around one of New England's most picturesque harbors. As one moves north up the Atlantic Coast from Boston, Manchester-by-the-Sea is the first part of Cape Ann that the traveler reaches. The town was formally incorporated in 1645 and is said to have been the home of the area's best mariners. In the mid-nineteenth century, Manchester became a fashionable summer community for wealthy urbanites and many impressive summer homes were built along its shores.

- Town Of Marblehead

Native, newcomer, visitor and scholar readily admit to succumbing to the lure of Marblehead. Their conclusion is that it is not just a place, but a state of mind. Embraced by the sea, this peninsula and attached island house about 20,000 people in 4.1 square miles. For over 365 years Marblehead has been an experiment in density and privacy accompanied by an intense respect for individual independence. That's Marblehead's heritage and "ain't nobody gonna change it."

- City Of Medford

Founded in 1630, 4th oldest English settlement in America. Established as a City in 1892, Medford is one of the oldest settlements in the Commonwealth and the US. Medford was a leader in the Clipper Ship building industry and also manufactured brick and tile. In addition, Medford was famous for it's "Medford Rum" and "Medford Crackers". Revolutionary war patriot Sara Bradlee Fulton lived here. General George Washington visited here during the Revolutionary War, while Paul Revere came through awaking Medford to "the British are coming!" Medford is also the home to abolitionists Prince Hall, & Lydia Maria Childs, cooking school founder Fannie Farmer, General Samual Lawrence who fought at the battle of Bull Run, and former Massachusetts Governor John Brooks. The Christmas Song "Jingle Bells" was written here by James Pierpont.

- Welcome To Historic Newburyport

We invite you to discover the hidden treasures of the historic seaport of Newburyport. Visit our beautiful downtown and experience our fine restaurants, historic inns, and unique shops. We hope you enjoy your stay and know that you are always extended the warmest of welcomes.

- Town Of North Reading

- Town Of Rockport

Rockport commands the tip of Cape Ann in Northeastern Massachusetts and is aptly named for the granite cliffs which cascade into the North Atlantic. Historically, Rockport was known as Sandy Bay and was settled in the year 1690. Fishing was of course an important industry for Rockport, but the town quickly became well known for the plentiful granite cut from its many quarries. Today Rockport has a positively charming harbor that is surrounded by many interesting shops and galleries. As a testament to its natural beauty, Rockport is home to one the country's oldest artist colonies. The majestic views from Rockport's shores keep this quaint community bustling with visitors year-round.

- City Of Salem

"Salem draws more than a million visitors each year from every corner of the globe, and has one of the region's newest Visitor Centers operated by the National Park Service. The city enjoys one of Massachusetts' highest concentrations of historic sites, museums, cultural activities, fine dining, and shopping. Hotels and historic inns dot the coastline and countryside with accommodations to suit every budget. As to dining, Salem is known for its range of fine restaurants from hearty family fare to avant-garde cuisine. Finally, for the vacationers seeking open spaces and sea breezes, one-third of Salem is designated park land, conservation land or open space. It has 18.5 miles of tidal coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, including 6 public beaches and a variety of recreational activities. Indeed, Salem is America's Bewitching Seaport with a little history in every step."

- Town of Tewksbury

The Town of Tewksbury is a suburban community located on the uplands between the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. It is located on slightly rolling lowland terrain with large areas of bog and swamp throughout town. Tewksbury was gradually settled from Billerica during the early decades of the 18th century. The original economic base depended on farming and grazing with lumbering as a secondary activity, and a saw mill was established on Trull Brook about 1736.

- Town Of Wilmington

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